Central Managed Services

Living in a shared community where you have common usage of facilities, features or services, requires regular maintenance and upkeep. The Landlord will appoint a facilities management company who will maintain the development and its grounds on a frequent basis.

Listed below is an example of some of the features you will benefit from under the central services scheme. An extensive list of service provided is shown at the bottom of this page.

The cost of mainting the building’s Central Managed Services is based on a square meter fee. Therefore, the the collective charge is distributed to residents according to the internal square meterage of their apartment.

Example of Central Services


CCTV is considered the most effective form of security and means of identity.

Every resident will have access to the buildings 16 camera (HD) system. This is a Hikvision system which can be accessed and controlled independently via their smart phone.

This system will provide clear visual views of every entrance and communal area whihin the building.

Internal & External Lighting

Internal and external lighting will be installed at this development. We use a Hi-output LED, which operates on a low runnning cost and will last for at least ten years.

Good efficient lighting is essential for your safety and navigation in the dusk to dawn hours.

The lighting running cost, and any maintanence or replacement cost will be covered in your central managed services fee.

Residents Lift

For your ultimate convenience, we have installed a residents lift which will access all three floors. The lift is maintained regularly and has a direct access sim card installed in case of any emergency.

The cost of the lift maintance and service is covered in your Central Managed Services fee.

Gated Community

A community secured by metal gates, we believe, adds value to any property. The gates are controlled electronically, both remotely by fob, or manually by hand. Your visitors will be able to call you in your apartment and you can allow them access from the comfort of your armchair.

Gate & Entrance Intercoms

For your safety and convenience, we have installed state of the art communications between the automated entrance gates and the main building access doors. You will have the ability to talk to your visitors via an intercom phone and if you agree to give them access, you simply do this from your phone.

Secure Building Access

All communal areas of The Old School House building are completely keyless. Each resident is issued with a secure access fob which will allow access to the main building. The building also has a backup facility which will operate on the acceptance of a user code.

Safe & Secure Parking

Each apartment comes with one designated space, which is located in a secure parking area, beyond the private access gates. Additional spaces are available on a rental basis and will be prioritised to residents who occupy the largest square meterage within The Old School House building.

The Minimal rental agreement for an additional car park space is six months.

Management Charges For Shared Living

  • Caretaker services
  • On site CCTV surveillance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Supplier costs to communal areas
  • Waste management
  • Maintenance of access gates
  • Service & repair of communal lift
  • External site lighting
  • Internal site lighting
  • Communal pipework & Plumbing
  • Communal electrical works
  • Maintenance of Fire system
  • Internal buildings maintenance
  • Communal area cleaning
  • External cleaning
  • Communal area window cleaning
  • Heating for all communal areas
  • Grounds landscape maintenance
  • Roof maintenance
  • Guttering & Downpipe maintenance
  • Bike store maintenance
  • Access control maintenance
  • Telecoms for Lift, Gates & CCTV
  • External railings maintenance
  • Access road maintenance

An early assessment of the Central Service Charge for The Old School House is £15.25 per internal square meter. This fee is an assessment only and may increase or decrease at the time of completion.