Other Charges - Questions & Answers

Will I need to pay a deposit on entry?

Yes, you will be requested to provide a sum equal to one months rent as a security deposit. This deposit will be protected by “My Deposits” and returned to you in full on completion of your tenancy, subject to terms and conditions.

What will be my tenancy period?

It is our intention to forge long term relationships with our tenants whilst they are in a rental period. A typical rental agreement will be a 12 month Assured Short Term lease.

Will I have an Electricity Bill to pay?

Yes, you will have your own meter and will be directly responsible to your energy provider for electricity charges to your Apartment.

Will I have a Gas bill to pay?

No, there is no gas at this development. All heating and hot water is electric.

Will I have a Water Bill to pay?

Yes, every Apartment has its own water meter and stop valve. Your water consumption will be measured by United Utilities and charged to you accordingly.

Will I have a Council Tax bill to pay

Yes, Bolton Council will assess the value of your apartment and decide which band you will fit
into. You will subsequently be charged the fee relating to the banding assessment.

Will I need a Television license?

Yes, As your apartment is connected to our central aerial, you will be required to maintain a current TV license.

What is my option for Broadband, Television & Telephone?

The building is connected to the Virgin Media network. You will have your own account with Virgin and pay your telephone, television and telephone charges directly to Virgin.

Do I pay a Service Charge?

Yes, every apartment contributes to the Central Managed Service Cost, which is basically the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the building. Each Apartment is charged per internal square meter.

Do I pay a Service Charge when I own my Apartment?

Yes, even if you own your apartment, you will be required to contribute to the upkeep of the centrally managed areas and grounds. Each Apartment is charged per internal square meter.

Do I pay Ground Rent?

No, the Landlord owns the freehold and does not make any charge to residents.

Do I need to pay for Parking?

No, your apartment will receive at least one designated secure parking space within the grounds.
Extra parking spaces are available at a cost to the applicant.

Do I need Buildings Insurance

No, your apartment is covered with a policy covered by the Central Managed Service Cost.

Do I need Contents Insurance

No, this is your choice and not a mandatory requirement.