Corporate Information

Panda Developments is a trading style of Panda Developments (Bradshaw) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Panda Capital Partners Limited (PCP).

PCP operates within a diverse range of markets, including: Medical legal reporting, Rehabilitation, Construction, Property management, Cloud software technology, FinTech, PropTech and MedTech.
Peter and David have worked closely on many business projects over the past 15 years and continue to have active interests in a number of existing and start-up businesses.

Construction and Property development became an active part of the group in 2014, following the funding and equity venture with Cube Construct Limited.

In 2014 Peter and David sold their core business ‘React & Recover Medical Group” to Quindell PLC.

Following a 24 month retention period, whilst delivering the agreed profit and cash warranties, and also discharging any restrictive covenants, Peter & David formed the Panda Capital Group of companies, which operates a diverse portfolio of nationwide UK businesses.

The Panda Capital group have controlling equity in the following companies:-

Investing In Business

We continue to invest in people and business. However big, small or crazy the idea is, we will make a quick appraisal and help move an investment forward.

We have experience in EIS, SEIS, Seed investing, Bridging finance and Loan funding. Please visit our group company website, Panda Capital Partners, who will provide you with more detailed information.

If you would like to confidentially discuss your business plan with us, we would love to hear from you, please contact us at:

Investing In Our Community

Panda Capital Partners support a number of charity and community ventures and will continue to be involved at a local level wherever possible.

We are extremely proud to support Bolton Hospice as our main charity and feel privileged to be named as a Platimum member.

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