Quality Standards

We pride ourselves on company values and the experiences we share with our clients. Our main value is our vision, followed by the creation of a bespoke scheme, which will ultimately give years of pleasure to our residents.

From our design and architecture through to the tradespeople we employ, every aspect of our construction is finished to the highest standard and signed off by the resident.


Our bathrooms are designed to maximise space and offer a standard of richness. We install superior quality showers, taps and all white goods are equally stylish and modern.
Our interior designers will choose a stylish tile which will cover both floor and walls.
Your Builders guarantee covers the resident for any technical problem.

Receptions & Bedrooms

Open plan space is the main aspect of this development. Our architects have made the best use of space to provide bedrooms, reception rooms and walkways. Floor coverings will vary between apartments, however, whether the covering is Wood, carpet or tile, it will be of a superior quality.


Our aim is to create a contemporary and light feel to each apartment. Our interior designer will provide a pastel colour scheme which will be applied to walls and ceilings throughout the apartment. All internal window woodwork will be coated matt white.


Our kitchens are no exception when it comes to quality. To ensure we achieve the best use of space, each apartment will have a bespoke kitchen design, which will incorporate essential modern appliances.
We use a local supplier who will provide the kitchen units and appliances to our exact specification.

Windows & Doors

Your entrance door will be a secure composite door. All internal doors will be a colour matched and stylish solid door, furnished with brushed chrome iron monger.

All windows will be manufactured supplied by Velfac. We are installing the Velfac 200 series, which are elegant in design, slim frames and clearly distinctive with clean lines.

The windows are aluminium to the external aspect and wood to the internal. The slim window design lets up to 50%  more natural light into your home than other windows.

Air & water heating

Efficiency and control are the two key aspects to considerer when deciding on a method of heating your apartment. We install modern electric room heaters which are the most efficient option available and can be controlled at source or remotely.

Hot water is supplied on demand from a powerful heat exchanger. You will have an unlimited supply of hot water, and you will only pay for whet you use.